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Holy Prophet said: It is an obligation for every Muslim to seek knowledge.
About Sadrus Shariah
Mufti Amjad Ali Aazami, also known as Sadr-ush-Shariah was an Islamic jurist, writer and former Grand Mufti and Qadi of India. He is author of the internationally renowned book, "Bahare Shariat", eighteen bulky chapters. This book contains a volume of information dealing with the Hanafi Law of Fiqh.
About Jamia Amjadia Rizvia
Tabatul Ulema Jamia Amjadia is famous in all over world for education systems and decepline. The institute name is attributed Mujaddid Azam Imam Ahmad Raza..
Kulyatul Banatul Amjadia
Kulyatul Banatul Amjadia is famous in all over world for women education institute. In the institute girl from several state of India and other country ….
About Allama Ziaul Mustafa
Founder of both Tabatul Ulema Jamia Amjadia and Kulyatul Banatul Amjadia, Muhaddith Al Kabeer Allama Ziaul Mustafa Qadri is a great scholar of Islam...
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Test Result Coming on 01-04-2023